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My PS3 got fixed!

Posted by on November 19, 2014

So my PS3 was not working. Came home the other day and was going to play it, when I went to turn it on, and nothing but a couple of beeps. Like really its just going to beep at me! This made me really said cause I was wanting to play some GTA now I can not. So I unplug everything and plug it all back in thinking that it might help. Well guess what, it did not help at all. Go to turn it back on and….yep just beeping at me again. So I jump on on my laptop and I hit google and type in whats going on.  Well it would seem that I am not the only one that this has happen too. It seems that is called Red light of death, or red ring of death, or even yellow light of death in some cases but still it looks to all be the same. This made me very sad and I had no clue how to fix this myself and well I did not think I could even if I read all night on it.

So I hit up google again and try to find a place I might be able it that was around me and get it fixed. I really did want to try and fix it cause, well its the only one I have. I did not want to have to go out and buy another seeing as this was one of the ones that was backwards compatible and they just could not be found anywhere now a days. SOOO I start looking around and I find this one place that does Game Console repair and called them up. They was super nice to me over the phone and they said that they could help me and it would only take a couple days cause they had a free spot open.

I took it down to them, they came around the corner with a big smile and very friendly attitude and asked how they could help me. I told them that I was super sad and that my PS3 was beeping at me! It would not turn on or anything and was wanting to get it fixed. They said that would be no problem at all and that we needed to get it checked in. So he gave me a nice little paper that I filled out with all my information on it. They even printed me out this little receipt that stated what I had checked in and what was going on with it. With a smile and a wave they told me it would a couple of days and it would be as good as new.

Well to my surprise , I get a call the next afternoon and it was them. I was thinking well that was really fast I wounder if it is a lost cause and it was really dead, nothing could be done. When I answered they was again really nice and friendly with a smile in their voice. He was calling to tell me it was all done and would be ready to pick-up when ever I could come get it. They said they checked it out after the fix and everything was running great. Turns out they said it was a PS3 red / yellow ring of death repair.  This made me really happy and I drove right down there to get my PS3. When I get there they was waiting up front for me and I seen my PS3 waiting for me. It looked almost as good as new. They said they even cleaned it up inside and out for me. They showed me some pictures they had taken of it when it was apart and it seemed that it was really dusty and nasty.

All in all they was really great and friendly. Very nice people! They price on the repair was way less then buying a new PS3 and I still had all my saved data and information on there. They even offered to carry it out to the car for me. It was really a great experience and I think if I ever have anything go wrong with my consoles again I will go back and use them!  Thank Penny Computer Service seo services oklahoma city

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