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Random weather stuff

Posted by on October 10, 2014

The weather is becoming more and more out of control. More and more major storms are popping up. Larger tornadoes, larger hail stones in storms. Faster straight line winds. Warmer winters and  cooler summers. So many records where broke in the years of 2013-2014 then has ever been seen. People are saying that its man made global warming. Well it is global warming but its not man made at all. Polar Caps are and ice are melting but its not from the top like people are saying, its from the bottom up. It seems that our oceans are warming up.

But if its not man made global warming like people are trying to say it is, then what could be causing it you may wonder. Well lets take a look way back into the past. The Earth has gone though changes and a lot of them over the years. From ice ages to warmer times and back again. What we are seeing is just another spoke in the wheel that is our earth’s time frame. Our star is also a big player in the fact that the earths weather is starting to go all kinds of wacky. It is putting out electrons that are starting to help heat of the core of the planets in our solar systems. So its not just earth that is having these changes going on. Do a few google searches and you can see that the other planets are changing too. Venus for one is getting brighter, but you know, that is cause of man made global warming….

The sun is heating up the core of the planets. Here on earth that is making the oceans warmer and melting the polar caps from the bottom up. The caps and all the ice around the areas are fresh water….Now how is that, ask your self “why are the caps fresh water and the oceans around them are salt…” Well this fresh water is starting to change the salinity of the oceans them self. Now there is this giant band of water that goes around the whole earth, the Gulf stream and  North Atlantic Drift are a part of this band and its brings warmer weather up north. Well the salinity is changing and it slowing the band of water down and even stopping it in some spots. This band is also connected to the jet stream. This is causing the jet stream to go well out of the normal bounds that it follows for the most of the years. So the northern places are seeing much much colder temps then they have been and also the southern places are seeing more mild temps.

All in all this is just a phase that the earth goes in. And goes through and well keep going through. We are coming out of an ice age still, so the temps are going to be warmer all over. Its not man made, there is nothing we can really do about it. It is nice to reduce our own carbon foot print, but its not us that is causing this freakish weather. Its not the end times as some people are saying. The times are changing and we do need to do something to start leaving a better cleaner planet for our kids. I am all for that. I am just sick of all the people that say its our own fault the world is doing what its doing cause of man made global warming. So if you want, do your part, reuse stuff you can and try to make the world a better place. But lets do it cause we need to, not cause people are saying its the end of the world.

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