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Posted by on January 3, 2016

Making music can be as easy as downloading a couple of mix programs, or even just a few Drum and beat programs. There are a lot of programs out there that offer free trails, some of the being Ableton live, Fruity Loops, Reaper and Garage Band are some just off the top of my head. They also have a lot of free programs that are full programs that are 100% free. Audacity, Cecillia 5, Hydrogen and Pure Data come to mind.

There are many of shareware programs that you can use to make drum beats, loops and even melodies. There are a lot of websites out there that offer you free looping samples that people upload for others to download. A lot of these site have simple search functions that you can search my genre and Beats Per minute. Most of these sites are free, some you can pay a fee and get even more stuff, but for the most part if you just search around you should not have to. Finding simple Beat step program is easy, and most of them will let you set it up into beats and even subdivide that into 16ths if you want. From there you can set up a bank of loops and will let you go on to make a song. A lot of time you only need to set up 4-8 loops for a whole song, just reusing them over and over.

You can go out and spend money on all kinds of gear but for the basics you really can just use your laptop or desktop. You can find virtual keyboard programs that you can use your computer keyboard and assign notes to each key. Same goes drum programs. Some times they have an on screen drum set, or lets you bind keys to your keyboard. Being able to bind your own keys let you set your loops and beats up to a place that is easy for you to remember. You can go out and buy a sampling rig but in all truth a lot of people dont have the money to drop on them. Doing a little research can safe you a lot of money. There are some free programs out that will let you take a wave file and shape it to how you like, that is how a lot of people get that drop that is in Dupstep music.

Before you go out and spend your hard earned money to start writing music, jump on google and do some searches for some freeware and shareware programs. If you like some of them and you get good with using them you can upload your music up to a few places for free. Soundcloud is one of the bigger sites out there and have web fourms that you can ask people for help and stuff if you wish too. You can even set it up so other people are able to download your music if they like what you did. Don’t ever feel to pressured when you start writing, every one has their own style and own way they like making music. Be it rap, techno, country, rock or even dubstep. Do what you like to do, and most of all, have fun doing it!


So the other day I’m traveling around the great state of Oklahoma. Well I had been in Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. Just my luck, I left some of my equipment at a spot in down town OKC. I found an awesome company that I would like to thank for getting me out of a jam. Ala Carte Courier Service. I Googled up same day delivery service oklahoma city and same day delivery service okc. This company showed up and saved the day. I explained my situation and they said no problem. My equipment was back in my hands in a matter of hours.


I’ve been pigging out a bit while I’ve been on the road. Most of the time I only have time to grab fast food or what ever one of my lackeys will bring me. J/K guys! Love ya! I’ve tried all kinds of quick lose weight now kind of products and they never seem to work. I have been looking into some new products that are not just for weight loss, but also for energy, and lord knows I could use it! So here is what I have found so far that I’m going to try. First off one of my peoples told me to try this Zeal drink. I’ve taken it for a few days, but don’t know if it is just the placebo affect or if it is really working. I really want to think it is working, I’ll give it another few weeks and let ya know. Another one I have been checking out, but haven’t tried yet is Skinny Fiber. I was looking for skinny fiber testimonials and found a reputable site linked for ya above. I have not ordered this one yet, but I think I’m going to give it a try when my Zeal drinks start getting low. I guess I could also just eat a freaking salad every now and then too LOL.


Just want to give a big shout out to the guys over at OKC wedding cakes. The really came through for my friends wedding catering. The even went off without a hitch. They are really a great group of people that went above and beyond. Thank you guys!

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